The City

Capitolium of Brixia

The temple was built in 73AD during the rule of emperor Vespasiano. It used to be the center of the Roman town and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Santa Giulia

The convent, founded at the wish of King Desiderius and his wife Ansa in 753AD now hosts the city museum. It's a UNESCO world Heritage Site. In the museum you will see the Winged Victory and Desiderius'Cross, simbols of the city.

Piazza Loggia

The square, designed in the midst of the Renaissance, is one of the landmarks of Brescia. It holds memories of the most tragic event in Brescia's recent history.

Piazza Duomo

The square used to be the center of the city during the middle age. It contains the two cathedrals: Old and New, and the oldest municipal building in the city: Palace of the Broletto.

Piazza Vittoria

Designed by Marcello Piacentini during the fascist period, it's a beautiful example of rationalist architecture.

Corso Mameli

Porta Bruciata

This roman building is just 200 meters from the Inn and marks the beginning of Corso Mameli

Mostasù delle Cossere

This statue, to which the emperor Arrigo VII cut the nose, is witness of the fights between Guelphes and Ghibellines. It's just a few meters from the Inn.


The Tower was built during the Middle Age and used as a prison. It's one of the landmarks of the city. Locanda delle Mercanzie is just around the corner.