The idea of the “Locanda” comes from the observation of the city and what it now offers. Brescia, with its artistic value and millenary history, is the main inspiration for the project. We asked ourselves what the current role of the city is and where it is headed. The owner Giancarlo Steyde and the architect Daniela Venturini tried to answer this question. The city centre needs to be revalued with economic activities that focus on the tertiary sector and artisanship. This offer should be open to everyone: tourists, businessmen and locals. This is the inspiration for the Locanda. We want to offer something different but deeply respectful of the city and its history.

The Building which now hosts the Locanda delle Mercanzie is almost as old as the city itself and it witnessed its entire history, dating back to the Roman domination. At the time the road in which the building is located was called Cursus Magnus and was one of the two main streets of the city. The road is still today a strategic location in the old town. During the Middle Age, the building became an artisan workshop. The ground floor and the first floor were used as retail premises while the artisans and their families lived in the upper floors. We don’t know exactly which kind of artisan workshop the building hosted but we tried to make a guess. The building overlooked the river “Bova”, whose water was used by many artisans for leather processing. That’s why we believe that it used to be a tannery. The idea is also supported by the presence of a beautiful roof terrace. Once probably used to hang out the leather it now offers a 360° view of the city panorama.

The Locanda is a Hotel in the old town. Our guests can experience the city in a historic building equipped with all the comforts. The beauties of Brescia are so close that you can enjoy them just by looking out the window while the restaurant on the ground floor offers both traditional and international dishes.

The emotional part is also very important to us. The whole project has been since the beginning a teamwork in which different people and ideas cooperate. Family, friends and co-workers work together as a united group in which everyone can offer his or her advice and contribution.